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visual artist 

Based in regional Queensland, Australia, Katie Whyte is an artist with a background in visual perception therapy.  As a painter, Whyte explores abstract form and colour theory to evoke visual memory, and connect with a sense of place, identity and past experience.


Combined with a unique background in optical sales, library and information services and the study of visual art,  Whyte explores how painting can help us see our world differently.  Whyte channels this experience into workshops and projects to help others to identify and share deeper layers of meaning of their visual world.

Previous projects have included community painting events, wall paintings, mural tours, exhibition of original art, educational workshops, design commissions and collaborations. Scroll down to see a full list of past ventures below. If you wish to talk about an upcoming project, please reach out, no idea is too big or too small.

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Curriculum Vitae


Katie Whyte




Library & Information Services, Certificate 3, Tafe NSW (current)

Public Liability Insurance, National Association of the Visual Arts, Australia

Blue Card holder, Queensland Government

White Card holder, General Construction Induction Course, Express Online Training

OEP Clinical Curriculum: Visual Dysfunction, Optometric Extension Program Foundation

OEP Clinical Curriculum: Learning Related Vision Problems, Optometric Extension Program Foundation

Practical Vision Therapy Program, Australian College of Behavioural Optometry

Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours), University of Southern Queensland



2019 Morning Phase, Burrow Cafe, Toowoomba QLD

Wherever I’m With You, Burrow Cafe, Toowoomba QLD

2018 The Road Less travelled, WeWork, Brisbane City, QLD

Lay Off The Drugs, First Coat Studios, Toowoomba QLD

Same Same, But Different, First Coat Studios, Toowoomba QLD

2017 Don’t Tell the Mainlanders, Brisbane Lane, Hobart QLD

Goodbye, Kontraband Studios, Laurel lane, Toowoomba QLD

From Little Things, First Coat, Little Street, Toowoomba QLD

Knead It Bad, Baker’s Duck,  Bellevue Street, Toowoomba QLD

Hello, Kontraband Studios, Laurel lane, Toowoomba QLD

2016 Gonna need a bigger brush, First Coat, Keefe Street Toowoomba QLD




2019 Onwards & Upwards, The Third Quarter Gallery, Brisbane 2017

2017 Me Look Pretty One Day, No Comply, Toowoomba QLD

2008 Plane Collection, Feather and Lawry Design Gallery, Toowoomba QLD

2006 Down/Up, The Vault Contemporary Art Space, Bundaberg QLD

2005 Dialogue of Planes, The Office, Toowoomba QLD

Soft Topology, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery, Toowoomba QLD

2004 Where have all the paintings gone? The Office of Arts & Leisure Affairs, Toowoomba QLD




2020 Grammar Art Show, Toowoomba QLD

Boiling Point, The Third Quarter Gallery, Brisbane QLD

2019 Reloaded, First Coat Studio, Toowoomba QLD

Fresh Crop, The mill, Toowoomba QLD

2017 A Tropical State, Old Canopy Arts Centre, Cairns QLD

Transition, Kontraband Studios, Toowoomba QLD

Good Conscious, Analogue Gallery Brisbane QLD

2007 New Work, Feather and Lawry Design Gallery, Toowoomba QLD

2006 Colour Plane Project, Jugglers Art Space, Brisbane QLD 

2005 Graduart, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery

2004 Early Fabricated, Peloton, Sydney NSW

To There and Back Again, Massey University, Wellington NZ

RaRa, Metro Arts, Brisbane QLD



2002 - current Self Employed Visual Artist, Toowoomba QLD 

2019 - current Toowoomba City Library, Community Services team, Library Assistant (trainee)

2016 - 2018 Bailey Nelson, Store Manager, Toowoomba QLD & Hobart TAS

2013 - 2016 Somerville Merrin Neilson Optometrist, Optical Assistant & Vision Therapist, Toowoomba




2020 Grand Central Shopping Centre, Free downloadable colouring pages, Toowoomba QLD

2020 Central Queensland Shopfront  Project, Workshop Facilitator, Bundaberg QLD

2020 Member of Touring Team, Flying Arts Alliance

2019 Guide for Walking Street Art Tour, First Coat Block Party, Toowoomba

2019 Spotlight feature, The Field Guide Toowoomba QLD

2019 Committee member, Arts Council Toowoomba

2019 Guide for Twilight Street Art Tour, Community Development Conference, Toowoomba QLD

2019 Lead Artist, Artiz Street Art Program, Flying Arts Alliance & USQ Toowoomba QLD

2019 Guide for Student & Educator Street Art Tours, Flying Arts Alliance & First Coat Studios QLD

2019 Artist in Residence, Grand Central Floral Parade Toowoomba QLD

2019 Markets Stall holder, First Coat Open Day, Toowoomba QLD

2018 Design Commission, Jericho Road Clothing, Limited edition dress & pants “Floating Potato”

2018 Studio Resident, First Coat Studios, Toowoomba QLD

2018 Design Collaboration, Kenzie Collective, Limited Edition earrings “Modern Art Dangles”

2017 Feature Artist, Grand Central Fashion Broadsheet Autumn/ Winter Edition

2017 Mural Artist, First Coat Street Art Festival, Toowoomba QLD

2017 Editorial feature, Bella Rae Magazine, Toowoomba

2017 Editorial feature, Morgan Journal, Toowoomba

2016 Mural Artist, First Coat Street Art Festival, Toowoomba QLD

2006 Artist Talk, Honours Presentation to Fine Arts Students, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane 

2001 Installation Crew Member,  Bundaberg Arts Centre QLD

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