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 This body of work aims to approach the concept of landscape painting less as a mapping of terrain, more so a relationship with the visual forms in our surroundings as we move through them. Visual references are made to the Great Dividing range where the artist lives and elements of the human form taken from almost two decades of life drawing studies and self portraiture. The result is a combination of fluid organic shapes informed by the intermingling limbs of gum trees and limbs, hands, shape of the human form. 



91 x 122 x 4.5cm,

Currently on loan

"Swim in Silence"

76 x 101 x 4.5cm

Currently on loan

The intention of these works is not to directly resemble its source material but rather evoke a sense of remembrance from the audience. To develop connection through a shared visual language; “I have seen that before, I have felt that before.”

"Remembrance Embrace"

76 x 102 x 4.5cm, 

Currently on loan

Abstraction prescribes familiarity of not only a memory but an emotional impression of a past experience. Artist operate in this invisible language of emotion by creating visual remembrance on their own terms. Considering that we perceive the world  as built from everything we have seen before; Painting creates a new dialogue, acting as a means of sharing this internal world, retrieving pieces from the artist own visual history.


61 x 92 x 4.5cm

Currently on loan


91 x 61 x 4.5cm

Currently on loan

Painted in 2019, this collection of original artworks are acrylic on stretched premium canvas, with Tasmanian Oak edges. Each painting is glazed in a matte finish to reduce the reflection of excess light, so that colours remain true and vibrant. All pieces are ready to hang and available for purchase or loan unless stated sold. 


51 x 76 x 4.5cm

Currently on loan

"For the Lovers"

61 x 76 x 4.5cm

Currently on loan

61 x 51 x 4.5cm
All efforts have been made to keep the colours and perspective of the works true to life,
but due to the nature of photography some colours may appear different on digital displays.  
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