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Burrow is popular brunch spot located at 117A Bridge Street, Toowoomba QLD. Occasionally, new paintings are exhibited at this local cafe alongside a permanent mural painting on the side and rear of the building.


Hanging new pieces on their wall allows new work on paper, canvas and glass to be seen up close and personal. Each work is available to purchase and all sales are handled through the online store below.

Current Exhibition March 2021

Image by Alexander Naglestad


These five new artworks have been included in the 2021 exhibition. All works will be available to purchase online through the Toowoomba Grammar Art Show Website between 10.30pm Friday 26th March and 5:00pm Sunday 2nd May.

Katie Whyte The Right Lane.jpeg

The Right Lane

Acrylic on Canvas

61 x 46 cm

Katie Whyte Two Loves.jpeg


Two Loves

Acrylic on Canvas

61 x 61 cm

Katie Whyte Take me home.jpeg


Take Me Home

Acrylic on Canvas

46 x 46 cm

Katie Whyte Those who don't know mountai


Those Who Don't Know Mountains See Waves

Acrylic on Canvas

102 x 76 cm

Katie Whyte Eyes Bigger Than The Valley


Eyes Bigger Than The Valley

Acrylic on glass, framed

56 x 81 cm

Art Exhibition Third Quarter



A series of paintings, previously exhibited as s solo exhibition at contemporary art space The Third Quarter Gallery in Paddington, Brisbane in 2019.


Each work is acrylic on stretched canvas with a Tasmanian Oak trim. Remaining artworks are available for sale below.