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Early Bird

The title of my new mural “Early Bird” is a nod to the necessary habits of an individual in the rise of a small business start-up. It is for the one who gets up, who doesn’t sleep through their alarm even though it is more comfortable to stay in bed, the one who keeps stepping forward, getting up when they’re down, putting their ideas on the table and backing themselves. They are the ones who will be known. It can be a lonely journey to start a business, to create something new and to venture out on your own. This mural is for all of those lonely early birds. The world needs your ideas, keep getting up!

This new mural can be found at @oldstationco Southport, The Gold Coast’s first Ambulance station and now a fully modernised office and co-working space. The mural was designed specifically for the space at the entrance of this beautiful old building, now a reception area where people walk through and come together everyday.

I had the chance to start this painting on a Friday and got to experience the weekday energy of this space first hand. People have a rhythm when they are walking with purpose; things to get done, people to meet. The energy was contagious.

The artist's brief was for a bright design to add some much needed colour to the foyer area. The 2.5m square mural is visible from the street, both entrances, reception desk, the tea room and adjacent meeting areas. This design reflects the direction of the traffic through the communal space. Depending on the audience, the shapes were said to take visual cues from light hitting mountain ridges, the surface of the ocean and even layers of fabric in the snuggled up covers of a bed.

Those from the mountains saw ridges and peaks, and those from the ocean saw waves.

Hearing observations such as this as I worked shows the role abstract painting to prompt individuals in questioning what they feel connected to. To look at something new and find meaning based on what is familiar to their own history and environment. This connection between vision, meaning and art is the primary concept I pursue in my mural painting, studio practice and ongoing study of visual perception.

It was a pleasure to work with clients who understand the role of creativity in entrepreneurship and the impact artworks can have in a community space and their inhabitants. Thank you @cospaces for trusting me with your wall, I enjoyed creating this burst of colour and inspiration for you.

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