The last of the Art Mug series are available to purchase in my online shop. I love these mugs and cups dearly but am ready to move on to new projects. I have recently learnt the value of my own time and these mugs are all created with hand cut vinyl - a very lengthy process, each unique and loved by me as much as any painting I create.

These pieces are a mix of my passion for reusing up cycled objects (ceramic mugs) to turn everyday objects into art objects, seeing them differently, adding value to things instead of turning them into landfill. I have used offcut vinyl (the dregs from signwriters, an adhesive plastic that usually ends up in the bin) to celebrate my love of sharing a cup of tea, that solitary cup of morning coffee before work (I work in a kitchen 4 days a week and at this stage in my life coffee gives me life!) or that midnight cup of peppermint tea in the studio to calm my belly and give me peace. These are things that I love and hope you love them too.

💙 Thank you for your support 🧡


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