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Updated: Sep 20, 2020

This small selection of previous artworks have sold through my online store while on display in local cafes or as part of a biannual studio sale. Purchases are made through Paypal or credit card and all local customers in the Toowoomba region are eligible for free local delivery to their home or office. International and Australia wide shipping options are also available.

It is great to see my original paintings being sent to their new homes all over the country including Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine coast and remote areas in-between. Thank you to my growing group of collectors. It warms my heart to know my art has found it's place with you.

New, original paintings can be commissioned at any time. Simply reach out so we can have a chat about which size, style and colour you are drawn to and go from there. Below are some of my favourite mediums I have worked with in the past 12 months.

Meant to Be, Acrylic on the back surface of glass, 42x52cm, 2020, *sold

Nesting no.2, Acrylic on canvas, 15 x 20cm, 2020, *sold

View No.1, Oil paint on canvas paper, 15 x 21cm, 2020, *sold

The War of Art, Acrylic on the back surface of glass, 23 x 28cm, 2019, *sold

Titanic, Acrylic on cotton rag paper, 2019, *sold

Afternoon Special, Acrylic on the back surface of glass, 26 x 26cm, 2020, *sold

Morning Light, Gouache on paper, 21 x 30cm, 2019, *sold

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