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The Road Less Travelled

WeWork, 310 Edward St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

The Road Less Travelled is a hand drawn, freestyle wall painting, designed specifically for the new WeWork location in Brisbane city. The title refers to the book of the same name written in 1978 by M.Scott Peck MD, which famously begins with the statement "life is hard." This was chosen to reflect the journey of paving new roads for our future and the necessary struggles faced when creating something new; whether it is an artwork, a new collaborative relationship or start-up business.

The design brief was to create a bright and engaging wall painting to be located at the main entrance and thoroughfare in a newly built, multi-level office space.  The colour palette was chosen by the client to coordinate with the new fit out of the space. The mural is inspired by both the physical and mental journey of the people moving through this space on a daily basis. It describes their movement upwards through the inevitable challenges they will find themselves in. It uses bold, organic shapes that direct attention in a diagonal motion up and down the custom built stairs. This design intentionally mimics the attention span of the creative process; sometimes short, sometimes arduous, sometimes accelerated by that rush of energy that comes with conjuring up a “big idea”; sometimes referred to as an “Aha!” moment when an epiphany is made. It is moments like this that spark new possibilities, new challenges and new adventures in life and work.

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