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As a member of the Flying Arts Alliance touring team, I deliver workshops to artists, arts workers, educators and students on a range of subjects.

Developing Art Products

Artist & Art-workers Online Workshop

Sunday 14th June 2020

"Are you curious about how to turn a creative arts practice into products? Discuss and develop strategies for your arts product ideas and discover their potential with this introductory online workshop. Topics include:

  • Understanding merchandise, meaningful collaborations, and how products and services can add to your current arts practice.

  • Exploring online platforms to market, distribute and sell your products and potential services.

  • Being inspired and creating a document that helps you plan and pursue your goals after the workshop

This event is for artists, arts workers and creatives at any career stage. Come along if you are a hobbyist, emerging, or mid-career and interested in making merchandise and art services (and money) from your existing arts practice."

Register here:

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