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Petal Pop 2023: Window Painting

a Festive display for Toowoomba Carnival of flowers, commissioned by local business Ecology Property. Painted by local artist katie whyte.
temporary mural window painting by local Toowoomba artist Katie Whyte

This fun window painting for the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers was an original artwork titled "Petal Pop" by local artist Katie Whyte. It was named after imagining the outburst of a party-popper filled with petals; a celebration of Spring in the most carnival way possible. Colours were chosen by the artist to match the seasonal blooms and foliage in the flower beds.

The artwork covered two street-facing windows at the entrance of the business. The high-contrast design was viewable from the street and footpath by passing pedestrians, mostly local residents on their afternoon or morning walk in this popular residential suburb. From the inside the artwork created a silhouette, viewable from within the reception area and meeting room.

"This style of painting follows an ongoing theme in my work of pulling apart recognisable imagery, such as a flower. By separating the object into basic shapes and letting them float through space we get a sense for their origin as our imagination starts to take control.

The many components of petals and leaves are incredibly similar once you remove all texture and have fun with their colours. A single leaf can look like a petal if it is pink, and a petal is easily disguised as a greenery. How the shapes are rearranged into a composition makes all the difference. If positioned horizontally they might look like the fallen petals of an expired bloom. And at certain angles the shapes may appear to be moving faster, or even spelling out words if positioned in a certain way. This is what happens when you rearrange a few familiar shapes, they begin to take on new meaning as the abstraction process begins."

Visual Artist Katie Whyte


"We first saw Katie's work at the First Coat festival in Toowoomba and have enjoyed seeing her artwork pop up around our city. We knew that her bright artwork would be the perfect match for a colourful 'Spring' window.

Working with Katie couldn't have been an easier process. We reached out to let her know of our idea and she came back to us with a timeframe and then a couple of design sketches so that we were all on the same page. We requested colours to work with the potted flowers below the windows and the final result is just perfect! Our goal for having Katie work her magic on our office windows was to add to the cheer of Spring and make the most of the Carnival of Flowers time in our city. We hope that the pop of colour brightens the day of the people in our neighbourhood as they drive or walk past our office. The artwork came together better than we had even imagined - thanks so much Katie!"

Rhiannon Trace, Administration & Branding,

Ecology Property Toowoomba


Want to have your own custom mural at your business or home?

Ecology Property is located at 23 Bridge Street, Mount Lofty, QLD 4350.

The Carnival of Flowers is an annual event that runs for the month of September in Toowoomba, Australia.

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