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you can have what you want. you can have it all.

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Naming artworks.

Some artists love it, others hate it.

Some routinely opt for the ambiguous "untitled". For me, it can feel almost separate to the artwork. A whole new set of problems arise from slapping words onto your work; will it take meaning away? will it add an unnecessary layer of meaning? If anything, I think it gives insight into the artist and their process. This might be because my titles are picked from something separate to me (books, songs, conversations had) that have a small conceptual link to what I was thinking at the time. I suppose, in this way, they reference important turning points in the process of making the artwork. Simply, it was just what made sense to me at that given time.

To look back on my past titles can feel like a joyride through my thought process, with monumental references to personal and professional break throughs. I find it interesting in a self reflective and sometimes highly entertaining way; recalling the highs and lows, the mistakes, the lessons, the people, all entwined in my process over the years.

In chronological order, here a few of my favourites:

Me look pretty one day.

Gonna need a bigger brush

Doodle patrol.

From little things.

High quality difficulties.


Do more.

Strength in numbers.

When to stop.

Lay off the drugs.

The road less travelled.

Same, same but different.

You can have what you want.

You can have it all. (pictured above)


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