Art Mug in Grey #2

Art Mug in Grey #2

Art Mug in Grey #2

Adhesive vinyl on recycled object, 2021


Exterior: Grey

Interior: Grey

Diameter: 8.0cm

Height: 9.5cm

Weight: 400g


The Art Mug

All Hiwhytey Art Mugs are made of unwanted materials: thrift shop mugs and offcuts of sign-writer’s vinyl. It seems vast quantities of near-new household items are donated these days. I took this as an opportunity to repurpose these resources and give you a new way to enjoy my art as a part of your everyday life through the ritual of having a daily cuppa.


How are they made?

Every object is a recycled, pre-loved item, uniquely chosen to have a second life as an Art Object. Because of this, each item will differ in size, capacity and colour depending on their original make and manufacturer. Approximate size and weight is indicated.


Each coloured shape is individually hand-cut and composed differently, making each design one-of-a-kind. Once the adhesive vinyl is applied to the cup, each one is set by filling with a few rounds of boiling water, allowing the vinyl to harden as the cup heats and then cools down. The best way to keep the design so it lasts is to continue to enjoy a cuppa in your new favourite cup. Please see the care instructions included.

But, Why?

The process of sourcing these materials and composing the designs by hand takes time but saves these perfectly fit resources from becoming landfill, a practice I am passionate about. I am also an avid tea drinker - my house and studio always littered with empty cups of tea.


Making Art Mugs is my way of repurposing my studio materials and saving waste from ending up in landfill, but also a unique way to make something that expresses joy and individuality in our everyday life. It gets my art off the wall and into our hands for use in our daily rituals; for me it is my first cup of coffee in the morning sun, a cuppa with a friend and a peppermint tea before bed.


All Art Mugs are limited edition, depending on local sources.


How to care for your new art mug.

  • Treat your art mug like art, not like other mugs.
  • Your art mug will enjoy being gently bathed in warm soapy water by its new owner.

  • Dishwashers may remove the art from your art mug.

  • Vinyl shapes will set with time and heat, so the more cuppas you make, the better it gets.
  • Avoid contact with sharp and abrasive materials.

  • Microwave your art mug at your own risk, I don’t know your life.

  • Show off your #hiwhytey piece on social media, I want to see it happily loved in its new home.