Art Vase in Navy #2

Art Vase in Navy #2

Art Vase in Navy No.2

Adhesive vinyl on recycled ceramics, 2018


Exterior: Navy

Diameter: 4.1cm

Height: 7.4 cm

Make: Unknown

(Also pictured with No.1)


The Art Mug (and other Art Objects)


How are they made?

Every object is a recycled, pre-loved item, uniquely chosen to have a second life as an Art Object.  Because of this, each item will differ in size, capacity and colour depending on their original make and manufacturer.


Each coloured shape is individually hand-cut and composed differently,  making each design one of a kind. This material is repurposed from scraps of adhesive vinyl  provided by digital signwriters.


But, Why?

The process of sourcing these materials takes time but saves these perfectly fit resources from becoming landfill. 


Thank you!

All Art Objects are limited edition, depending on local sources.

Show off your #hiwhytey piece on social media,  I want to see it happily loved in its new home.