Lay me down #3

Lay me down #3

Size: 29.5 x 21 cm (A4)

Medium: Pencil and gouache on hot pressed 100% cotton rag paper.

Year made: 2020

Available: Unframed only 


About the series: Lay Me Down


This collection of 3 drawings on thick cotton rag card were created at the Toowoomba Art Society life drawing class. I challenged myself in this session to draw abstract shapes straight from the life model, rather than follow my old process of creating a realistic drawing first. By searching for unique shapes from what I saw in front of me I was able to see the model, and the human body in a different way. 


The title “Lay me Down” refers to the final stages of life drawing class where the model poses in a reclining posture.


By the end of this class I was starting to notice similarities to the forms and lines I would find in my landscape sketching. This can be seen in my previous series  in the same medium called “Flat and Grippy, Not Steep and Slippy”. This begs the question, do distant hills look like a reclining female form? Or has my style of capturing landscapes simply influenced my life drawing? 


These artworks are sold separately. 

The paper is card-like, 300 gsm thick, acid free and  archival quality.

The back of the artwork is signed by the artist.

This artwork can be displayed at any orientation.


Artist copyright Katie Whyte.