Hiwhytey Photo Frame #4

Hiwhytey Photo Frame #4

Limited Edition

Hiwhytey Prototype Photo Frame

Adhesive vinyl on timber frame, glass front, white mount board border to fit 6x4” size photo, 2021


Colour: White

Frame:  19cm x 24cm x 1.5cm

Weight: 365g

Fittings: stand and centre wall mount hook.


The story of a friend and a frame.

It started with a close friend who wanted to gift a photo-frame to her dear housemate who was moving away. “Katie, could you please paint this with your wonderful designs?” Absolutely! So, after some playing in the studio, trying hand-painted versus vinyl stickers, the Hiwhytey Prototype frame was born; a way to display photos of loved one, surrounded by joy.


I made these limited edition prototypes to embrace this fun, new way to share my designs with friends. The process of sourcing these materials and composing the designs by hand takes time but allows me to repurpose studio materials in a new way that expresses joy and individuality in our everyday life.


How are they made?

Like my Art Mugs, these frames are adorned with adhesive vinyl, supplied by local sign-writers as unwanted material. I found that hand-painting onto commercially manufactured frames was not the most durable option. So instead, the vinyl shapes were used.


As prototypes, I have only made a limited range of four frames. Each coloured shape is individually hand-cut and composed differently, making each design one-of-a-kind. The shapes wrap over the frame edges to create a lively, and balanced composition featuring multiple colours. As vinyl sets over time, if any shapes appear to lift, simply smoother with your fingers to secure them. Avoid contact with sharp and abrasive materials.


Each frame comes fitted with a removable MDF backing with a horizontal and vertical positioned stand and a movable centre hook for wall display. I have also included a hand cut photo insert for standard 6x4” photos. The total window display area is 14cm x 19cm. Each frame is sold separately.