Landscape State #2

Landscape State #2

Size: 20.5 x 10 cm (3 mm thick)

Medium: gouache paint on balsa wood panel

Year made: 2020

Available: Unframed only 


About the series: Landscape State


Inspired by the Gallery of Modern Art’s Postcard project during COVID lockdown in 2020, these postcard sized works are a continuation into locating myself in relation to the horizon, my body and my surroundings.


They are hand painted on on light weight balsa wood panels, each the same size. They would look great as a set or pair. Each is sold separately.


Each panel is 3mm thick and it is recommended that they are framed after purchased to avoid damage to the porous wooden surface and to prevent bending. The colour vibrancy and consistency may fade over time if they are not framed.


The back of the artwork is signed by the artist, as pictured.

This artwork can be displayed at any orientation.


Artist copyright Katie Whyte.