Size: 31 x 39cm with a 2cm deep frame

Medium: Acrylic paint on the back surface of clear glass, framed, with particle board backing.

Year Made: 2020

Available: Framed with 2 hooks and wire 


Similar in appearance to smaller works on glass made at this time, “Peace” was created for the Toowoomba Art Society Members Exhibition, on display in Spring 2020. It is the same size and was created at the same time as the work titled “Home”.


This unique glass painting comes fitted with a permanent white frame (pictured) as the frame is a structural element of the artwork and cannot be removed (along with the backing board). The front surface of the painting is very durable and easily cleaned with glass cleaner and a soft cloth.


This artwork also comes fitted with 2 D-hooks and a picture wire for wall hanging installation. The back of the artwork is signed by the artist.


Artist copyright Katie Whyte.