Play No.3

Play No.3


A series of 7 collages, each sold separately. Layered collage of gouache on paper with some elements of canvas, acrylic and ink. 2017


Play No. 3


35.5 x 41.5cm


Image shows a photograpgh of the original artwork, cropped to within 5mm of artwork edge.


How to care for your collage

  • This is an original artwork, not a reproduction or print.

  • Gouache paint is a little bit like ink and a little bit like chalk; meaning it will smudge if rubbed and run if wet.

  • Due to the nature of these delicate layered collages, framing is most definatly remcomended to protect yoru artwork over time.

  • Frame makers are artists in their own right and can be costly, but framing a painting will make it last a lifetime rather than a short time exposed to mess of life.

  • Box frames where the glass does not make contact with the face of the painting are best. These are sometimes used to frame photos in the same way; check out craft stores for affordable framing options.

  • Returns Policy

    Please read full item description for each piece. Images are taken and presented as accurately as possible although the finish and colour of items may appear slightly different in person. More information or images for each piece is always available upon request. Please contact the artist if you have any questions or concerns regarding an item before purchasing.