Sharing Space #4

Sharing Space #4

Size: 29.5 x 21 cm (A4)

Medium: gouache paint on cotton rag paper.

Year Made: 2020

Available: Unframed only 


About the series: Sharing Space 


Small paintings like this series are used to test out ideas I have for compositions and colour schemes prior to making larger painting or murals. Sharing Space was created after my last studio sale in Autumn 2020 and is a continuation into pairing warm, vibrant colours inspired and influenced by the light bouncing around my studio from the setting sun.


Gouache paint is an opaque watercolour, and is my preferred medium for studio experimentation with colour. I prefer mixing colours with gouache as it has a vibrancy and opacity that I cannot achieve with acrylic. The finished surface of a gouache painting is not waterproof and these artworks will need to be protected with a frame after purchase. When framing, make sure the front surface of the painting is not touching the glass or it may stick. Use a floating frame or mount board to create a barrier to prevent this from happening.


These paintings were created together but are sold separately. Each one had a tape border around the paper edge during the painting process but unfortunately when it was removed it has partially lifted off the front surface of the cotton rag paper around the edge.


The back of the artwork is signed by the artist.

This artwork can be displayed at any orientation.


Artist copyright Katie Whyte.




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