Spring in the Air #1

Spring in the Air #1

Size: 29.5 x 21 cm (A4)

Medium: gouache paint on cotton rag paper.

Year Made: 2020

Available: Unframed only 


About the series: Spring in the air


These are the original concept paintings used to propose a new mural for the Toowoomba Carnival Lane project. These four unique, hand painted gouache works on paper were used to show the colour and shapes I envisioned for my concept titled “Spring in the air”.


Joining them together they formed a scale model of the 12.5x2.5m wall. After approval, I used these to draw up the final artwork which can be seen in the background of these photos. They were used as a guide for scale and balance of the design on the very large wall, as I changed some of the shapes along the way.


Now that this project is complete the original designs are available to purchase, each sold separately. The finished surface of a gouache painting is not waterproof and these artworks will need to be protected with a frame after purchase. When framing, make sure the front surface of the painting is not touching the glass or it may stick. Use a floating frame or mount board to create a barrier to prevent this from happening.


The back of the artwork is signed by the artist.

This artwork can be displayed at any orientation.


Artist copyright Katie Whyte.