You Can Have it All #2

You Can Have it All #2

You Can Have it All

A set of four paintings, each sold separately.

Gouache on hot pressed cotton rag paper. 2018.



21 x 29.5cm


Image show the original painting unframed.


How to care for your new gouache painting.

  • Your new #hiwhytey is an original artwork, unique just like you.

  • It is made of  gouache on hot pressed 100% cotton rag - a type of very smooth  paper that does not buckle when painted on.

  • Gouache paint  is a little bit like ink and a little bit like chalk; meaning  it will smudge if rubbed and run if wet.

  • Protect the surface of your painting from such catastrophes by framing your artwork.

  • Frame makers are artists in their own right  and can be costly, but framing a painting will make it last a lifetime rather than a short time exposed to mess of life.

  • Box frames where the glass does not make contact with the face of the painting are best. These are sometimes used to frame photos in the same way; check out craft stores for affordable framing options.