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Shop all original artworks and merchandise created by visual artist Katie Whyte. Sale updated on Sunday 5th December 2021

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Hanging artwork on the walls of local businesses allows my new pieces on paper, canvas and glass to be seen up close and personal.

Currently, no artworks are on exhibition or display locally. 

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An ongoing collection of framed artworks ready to hang. Mediums include acrylic on stretched canvas, acrylic on framed glass and framed works on paper.



Small, affordable original artworks showcasing experimentation of style, technique and subject matter of larger artworks and mural designs. Explore unframed paintings on paper, balsa wood and loose canvas.

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These hand drawn sketches are original artworks in their own right, often comprising of plein air sketches, life model drawings and hand drawn studies for future artworks and murals. Rather than be tossed aside, all ideas drawn in the studio are archived with photos and made available for sale

To Build A Home Commission Painting 2020



Have your own original artwork commissioned for your home, work place or as a gift. These can be simple as a small painting on paper or larger project such as a painting on canvas or site specific mural.


Commissions are welcome within current painting styles and are planned according to budget and scheduling with the artist. 

Art Exhibition Third Quarter


A series of paintings, previously exhibited as s solo exhibition at contemporary art space The Third Quarter Gallery in Paddington, Brisbane in 2019.


Each work is acrylic on stretched canvas with a Tasmanian Oak trim.