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After a successful Spring Market Event at the Toowoomba Art Society I will be uploading all new and previously listed items to my shop. This update is expected to go live in early October 2023. For an email notification when the shop update is ready please subscribe below.



Small, affordable original artworks showcasing experimentation of style, technique and subject matter of larger artworks and mural designs. Explore unframed paintings on paper, balsa wood and loose canvas.

Burrow Installation00009_edited.jpg


An ongoing collection of framed artworks ready to hang on your wall. Mediums include acrylic on stretched canvas, acrylic on framed glass and framed works on paper. 

Flat and grippy 1 CONTEXT.JPG



These hand drawn sketches are original artworks in their own right, often comprising of plein air sketches, life model drawings and hand drawn studies for future artworks and murals. Rather than be tossed aside, all ideas drawn in the studio are archived with photos and made available for sale

Lost in Tomorrow.jpg


Hanging artwork on the walls of local businesses allows my new pieces on paper, canvas and glass to be seen up close and personal. Each work is available to purchase and all sales are handled through the online store below.

Badges 3 Fire.jpeg


In my arts practice, making merchandise is a way of capturing the individuality and uniqueness of my original art and placing it into new contexts of everyday life, while being conscious of not generating more waste.

To Build A Home Commission Painting 2020


Have your own original artwork commissioned for your home, work place or as a gift. These can be simple as a small painting on paper or larger project such as a painting on canvas.


Commissions are welcome within current painting styles and are planned according to budget and scheduling with the artist. 


My online studio shop is only updated a handful of times each year. To receive an email alert when the next update is live, sign up below:

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